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Asthma Review

Annual Asthma Reviews are carried out by our Practice Nurse Debbie or Asthma lead Dr Fenton. They can offer advice on the most suitable medication for you along with correct inhaler techniques. Please attend your review if you have asthma and have been advised to do so or have not been seen for a least one year.  We are keen to ensure that you are receiving the best available treatment.

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Diabetes Review

Annual Diabetes Reviews are carried out with our Practice Nurse Debbie.  Please attend the clinic if you have diabetes and have either been advised to do so or have not been seen for at least one year - this is vital for overall care and to address any potential problems and so help to prevent any complications.  Dr Scott is the doctor overseeing the Diabetes care. 

NHS England has commissioned a provider, Xyla Health and Wellbeing, to provide the ‘Your local Healthier You: NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme’ for patients at risk of type 2 diabetes.

Once a patient is referred, they will be contacted for a motivational interview with the provider (Xyla) to help them enrol onto the course and to have an opportunity to ask any questions they have at this time, including if you don’t want to enrol in the programme. 

Xyla Health and Wellbeing is part of the Acacium Group and sometimes, if required and legally allowed, Xyla may share some of your basic details such as your name and contact details with providers who have been identified as suitable to contact you to provide support for you during this programme.

Any sharing of your data is done as little as possible, under due diligence and in compliance with applicable laws. For full details on how Xyla would use your data for the diabetes prevention programme, see their privacy notice. For general information on the national diabetes prevention programme, please visit the NHS England website

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If you discover that you are pregnant, please let your GP surgery know. You can self-refer to the Midwife.

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Baby Clinics and Immunisations 

The eight week check is perfomed by Dr Ahmed, our Practice Nurses Louise and Debbie will give any immunisations by appointment.

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Health Visitor  

The Health Visitors can be contact on the following numbers:

Maidstone 01622 225805:  Paddock Wood 01892 839458: 


Smoking Cessation

We can offer a full Smoking Cessation service, please phone the surgery to make an appointment with Caroline or Lisa.


Well Person Checks

We hold a Well Person check clinic for patients over 40 which patients are invited to attend.


Cervical Smears  

All women should have regular cervical smears between the ages of 25-65.  You will be informed when your next smear is due and should make an appointment with our Practice nurses Louise or Debbie.

More about screening services

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Family Planning  

We provide a full, free contraception service. You can make an appointment to discuss with a doctor who can advise you on the best option. We can offer you an appointment with Doctor Watson for coils and implants insertion.


For Men Only  

For those men concerned about prostate problems or any issues related to testing for this please consult with one of the doctors. In addition, treatments for Erectile Dysfunction (mainly on private prescription) are available.           


Minor surgery     

The doctors and nurses provide a full Minor Surgery service.

Foreign Travelling

If you are travelling outside Northern Europe additional injections may be necessary (mainly free of charge).  Please let us know in good time by completing the our secure online form as some courses of vaccination take several months to complete. Malaria tablets are dispensed at the surgery (on private prescription) and we can also offer other medications for use abroad.

More about travel vaccinations

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There are a variety of Counselling services available. We can refer you to Think Action which offers a NHS counselling service. 

We can also refer to Andy Gray Counselling. This is a private option available to all patients, fees to be discussed upon first consultation (this may be means tested). To make an appointment please contact Andy Gray on 07821 871221 alternatively email him at

There is also an online Counselling Service available, please contact the Surgery for more information.


Hospital Referral   

If the doctor refers you for a specialist opinion or hospital treatment and you do not hear from the hospital within one month, you should contact the surgery on 01622 814380 option 3 to speak to our secretary.



The following are available:

  • Tetanus, Diphtheria & Polio
  • Rubella (German Measles) - normally given in childhood as the MMR vaccine.  If you are planning a baby it is important to establish your immunity.
  • Influenza is available each autumn to  asthmatics, diabetics and those with chronic conditions. It is also recommended for all over 65.
  • Pneumonia vaccine is available to everyone over 65
  • Shingles vaccine is available to patients that will be 70, 78 or 79 years of age on the 1st September.

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Kerry Mann (BSc HONS) offers Osteophathy for all ages from Babies to the Elderly. To make an appointment please contact Kerry Mann on 07958 705797 or alternatively visit the East Farleigh Osteopathy website


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